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Molecular switches

2018. július 23. 

bor Londons project proposal on how useful work could be harnessed from assemblies of molecules functioning as switches awarded funding by the evaluation panel under the call announced by the NRDI Office in 2017 for thematic applications initiated by young researchers. Molecular machines and switches can be used, for example, in medicine, as computer memory elements or even in mobile phone coatings that self-repair their scratches. Gábor London, research fellow at the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Research Centre for Natural Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (RCNS HAS) and recent recipient of the Youth Award of HAS, learned the profession at the right place: his PhD supervisor, Ben Feringa was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2016. tovább » 

« GAZDÁLKODÓI KÉZIKÖNYVEK Az én könyvtárbuszom – Rajzpályázat »

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